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Why Climate Change Affects You - The Basics

There is a lot of “speculation” in the mainstream media, and perpetrated by governments that global warming isn’t happening. This website has been developed in a very straight-forward way, to assure you that it is. There is no question about it, global climate change is happening, and at an unprecedented rate.

Picture the Earth inside a bubble. That bubble is our atmosphere. At present, our atmosphere lets in solar radiation, some of which stays in our atmosphere, heats the Earth and gives us life. However a large portion of that radiation is then reflected back out into space in the form of infrared waves, giving us the stable temperatures that have given our planet life, and ensuring that we don't overheat. We are no longer so safe from overheating. The excess carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that humans have been producing in scads since the Industrial revolution are being trapped in our atmosphere, and causing it to heat up. This thick layer of greenhouse gases means that infrared waves get stuck inside our bubble. This phenomenon will eventually have the effect of heating our planet beyond present livable conditions, causing sea levels to rise, disease to spread more rapidly, drought, famine, and other natural disasters. We are essentially cooking ourselves inside the bubble that allowed us to live in the first place.

global warming and climate change

Take this real life analogy for example:

If you take a frog and put it in a pot of hot boiling water, it will immediately sense danger and jump out. But, if you take that same frog, put it in a pot with room temperature water, then slowly increase the heat until boiling point - the frog will stay in the pot until it reaches its inevitable death... unless of course someone saves the frog.

Take a look at the video below to get a general understanding of the causes, effects and sustainable solutions to global warming.

"The World Health Organization already predicts that 150,000 people die every year as a result of climate change related incidents, such as drought, weather-related deaths, and disease epidemics. "

Why is our Climate Changing? Check out the Video Below to find out

Understanding The Interests Involved...

"As long as it seems there is questionable or argumentative points about global warming, the general public will remain confused on the subject until there is finally a global consensus."

You may have heard there is no scientific consensus on whether global warming is happening, or whether it's man-made or a natural temperature cycle, but you have been misled. For reasons beyond comprehension, there is a global movement to deny the existence of man-made global warming. Well, the reasons aren't completely beyond comprehension... there are many people who have invested their lives, businesses and souls into a life powered by fossil fuels and conventional energy. Our entire global infrastructure is based on these technologies - our homes, our businesses - so it is understandably frightening to think that the vast majority of our everyday lives will need to be changed, upgraded and made more sustainable. This change is therefore pretty unpopular with governments and corporations alike.

Government Intervention - What's Holding Them Back?

Governments, while trying to appear green, can tend to shy away from investing in new technologies and passing tighter environmental restrictions for fear of being reprimanded by big business. With the high number of interest groups, corporations and the 'supply & demand' needs for first world nations - many governments have their hands tied by outside political pressures.

Corporations - Supply & Demand?

Many corporations deny climate change because of the bottom line: cost. It's cheaper in the short term to keep burning oil and coal and all other polluting energies until they run out than it is for corporations to upgrade their technologies. Since corporations are global, they can operate outside countries that have decent environmental standards - making accountability hard to find. For corporations to localize their industry instead of outsourcing to China and other countries with low environmental standards, and to follow a strict environmental code would be time consuming and costly. This despite the fact that consumer polls reveal that a majority of customers prefer a green product, even if it means paying slightly more.


climate change


Change Has Already Begun... But At What Rate?

While these changes may be daunting, they are necessary for the long term survival of our species. It may not pay off in the short term to invest in sustainable technologies, but in the long term it will. Who's going to buy iPods, designer jeans, and the latest cell phone model when they're worried about their food supply, or whether their house will flood, or protecting their family from an epidemic. To many people already in the world, these are just some of the daily issues they face. These are obviously very exaggerated conditions to consider right now for first world residents - but they aren't as farfetched as you might think.

For every degree the temperature rises, it's predicted that rice yields and the yields of other essential crops will fall by 15%. Temperature rises have devastating effects not only on farming, but on sea levels, communicable diseases and weather patterns. These are things that can seriously affect our day to day lives. While we can only predict what will happen right now, isn't it always better to play it safe?

The Deniers - Disinformation At Its Finest

"Over the past 100 years carbon dioxide levels have risen more than in the past 20,000 years."

Climate change denial is pretty much an entire industry now. There are an array of well-paid, corporate sponsored think tanks, claiming climate scientists cite "junk science" when they warn of disastrous climate change. These organizations send out faulty research to the media, including studies based on evidence collected and interpreted incorrectly in some cases, or that are outdated, or that are written by people who have no scientific background. They say that even if global climate change is happening, there’s no way to know whether it’s man-made. And if it’s not our fault, then there is nothing we can do to stop it.

This denial machine continues today, despite the fact that there is more scientific consensus on anthropogenic (man-made) global warming in the scientific community than on most subjects. It’s no coincidence that the pre-industrial levels of CO2 in our atmosphere was 280 parts per million, and in 2005 the level had increased to 381 parts per million. It’s a result of our quick and dirty industrial growth. Over the past 100 years carbon dioxide levels have risen more than in the past 20,000 years. This drastic increase in carbon dioxide as well as other gases like methane in our atmosphere is creating an unstable climate.

For example, the organization called the "Science and Environmental Policy Project" run by Dr. Fred Singer ( recently cited an article published in the Sunday Telegraph in the UK, and written by Christopher Monckton, who has a degree in classics, a diploma and journalism, and absolutely no other scientific qualification to make him an expert on the topic of global warming. Despite his obvious lack of knowledge on the topic, Singer's website reprinted his statement that "There is no scientific basis for the current panic [over global warming]." And here-in lies the rub, Singer's website isn't an independent organization. It has accepted funding from companies that have considerable investments in our current lifestyle. Exxon Mobil is one of them. While it's important not to take everything you hear in a scientific journal, or on the evening news as complete truth, in this case you need to look at who's denying climate change, and why.

The World Health Organization already predicts that 150,000 people die every year as a result of climate change related incidents, such as drought, weather-related deaths, and disease epidemics. It's happening, there's no point denying it anymore. Now it's up to you to make a change in your life. It may be easier to wait for your government to fix the problem, but they won't do it without public outcry. Something you CAN do is invest personally in renewable energies such as solar panels or wind turbines and other forms of sustainable living that will lessen your personal ecological footprint.