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Site Water Management

With sites now required to provide proof of safe water disposal and with water quality checks routinely being done by councils and environmental agencies,  having a robust monitoring system plays a vital role on construction sites, ready-mix sites and quarries. 

Concrete wash out tanks, lamella filter tanks, water treatment tanks and correction tanks are all part of a modular process to deal with dirty waste water, concrete waste water, excavation digs onsite. 


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What We Offer

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Concrete Washout

The CW01 is designed to contain and treat wash water from mixer truck washdown procedure after delivery of the batch on site.
The CW01 is a simple but effective way of ensuring that environmental pollution concerns of high pH water, from such as concreting or grouting activities are safely met.


Lamella Tanks

EnviroHub Lamella Plate Settlement Tanks are designed to effectively recover suspended solid particles from water in continuous pumping applications.

The tanks are a simple but effective way of ensuring that environmental pollution concerns of high suspended solids in water, from activity such as groundwork dewatering and silt laden wash water are safely met.


Treatment Tanks

Treatment Tanks are designed to pre-treat water with such as coagulant and flocculent polymer to improve settlement of solids, or for pH correction.

Treatment Tanks are a simple way of batch or continuous processing water to prepare it for further treatment. Pre-treatment is essential to getting good water quality outcomes, especially if the water is heavily contaminated with clay or has a high acid or alkaline state.

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How Does It Work?

EnviroHub is a control system that can monitor, treat, and report on water quality onsite. It is dedicated to implementing sound, sensible practices for permanent and temporary water management on sites, that reduce risk and protect our client’s reputation. We understand the day-to-day realities our customers face at site level, whilst also factoring in their company corporate aims and objectives. We bring these two strands together in proven, cost effective and sustainable solutions. Each requirement has its own unique challenges, that’s why we are on your journey from initial concept through to ongoing maintenance and support.

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