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Concrete Washout 

The CW01 is designed to contain and treat wash water from mixer truck washdown procedure after delivery of the batch on site.

The CW01 is a simple but effective way of ensuring that environmental pollution concerns of high pH water, from such as concreting or grouting activities are safely met. This ensures compliance with authorities such as the Environment Agency and Water boards site water standards requirements.

Concrete Washout.jpg

How it works:

The CW01 in the first stage uses heavy duty geotextile filter bags to separate the aggregate and silt from concrete wash water.

The wash water seeps through the geotextile into the base catchment tray, from which it can be pumped away for safe disposal or to a secondary treatment tank for final storage and pH correction.

The water is clean enough to reuse for chute wash down or disposal through an accredited waste disposal company.



  • Aggregate separation filter bags

  • Suitable for smaller concrete chute washout and tools, barrows, mortar tub etc washdown

  • Easy to move around via chain lift or fork pockets

  • Approx. 50 washout capacity

  • Onboard washdown hose for water recycling (optional)

CW 10.jpg


  • Minimises environmental impact of concrete washout water and ensures compliance

  • Good practice for Health, Safety and Environment requirements on site

  • Provides a clean aggregate product and water for safe disposal

  • Frequent operation capability, using the onboard water recover process

  • Easy and fast to deploy or move around site.

  • When used in conjunction with an EnviroHub CT01 treatment tank, the water is further cleaned and pH neutralised for safe disposal.

  • Multiple units can be used in conjunction with one treatment tank

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