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Treatment Tanks

Treatment Tanks are designed to pre-treat water with coagulant and flocculent polymer to improve settlement of solids, or for pH correction.

Treatment Tanks are a simple way of batch or continuous processing water to prepare it for further treatment. Pre-treatment is essential to getting good water quality outcomes, especially if the water is heavily contaminated with clay or has a high acid or alkaline state.



Working in conjunction with a dosing unit and controller (TU02), it has three compartments, 1. Initial high-speed agitation and dosing section, 2. Slow agitation and ‘dwell’ 3. Final discharge and quality checking (if monitoring is used).

Treat 2.jpg

How it Works

  • Can be used for polymer, acid, alkaline or CO2 dosing

  • Easy to move around via chain lift or fork pockets

  • 2no Agitation stirrers to ensure full water treatment

  • Very compact footprint

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with TU02 dosing system

Treat 3.jpg


Water holding capacity

TT03: 3.0m3
TT05: 5.0m3
TT10: 10.0m3

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